Hello, this is Sheri Williams (Alias: MzRazberri), the creator of Venin Abyss! I attend the University of Central Florida and am double majoring in Biology and the Visual Language Track within Digital Media. The first thing I did regarding this series wasn’t necessarily something planned as a more than one video project.

It was a music video to the song “The Day The Whole World Went Away” by Nine Inch Nails. I was in the movie theater and saw the trailer to Terminator Salvation to which this song was used. I fell in LOVE with the song and listened to it day in and day out until I formulated a story to go along with it, I started to visualize an explosion and a man walking out of a fire unharmed, while another mysterious man watched from afar.  I had always, like many individuals, had a fascination about the folklore and myths on vampires, so I  decided to make my story about them. From that I developed the basic story for the music video. The music video was released in June of 2009. After positive reaction to the video I decided to continue the characters story in a series. I began searching for voice actors and released the pilot episode shortly after…July 24th 2009.

Brainstorming a series title was quite difficult, there was a LONG list, so I decided to write a little backstory before choosing a name. You could say that the translation of the title is Venom Immortality. Not being completely happy with this name I decided to go about it in different terms. Latimer’s backstory is mainly where the title was developed from. Deciding that Latimer was to be of French decent, I thought it would be an awesome idea to incorporate French into the title. I looked up the word “Venom” in French and it translated to “Venin”. Venom was a strong word I wanted to use because in certain vampire myths and including the story I planned to write, a vampire bite contains a  form of venom. Abyss seemed to flow along with it as well as fitting a theme of the show, darkness and endlessness (immortality). Thus the title Venin Abyss was born.

Videos pertaining to Venin Abyss including all of the episodes, trailers, etc.(not including fan-made videos) have racked in over 1.2 million views on the popular website YouTube. The story is currently being adapted into a novel, hopefully to be completed within the year.