Venin Abyss is about a young man named Adrien. Adrien is a 22 year old male living in Bourne, Massachusetts in the year 2009. He decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend of nearly two years, Jenna McBrayer. Immediately after their engagement, a man claiming to know his newly determined fiance violently attacks them on their way home. Adrien gets thrown into oncoming traffic, where he is hit head on by a speeding vehicle. While Jenna frantically calls for help, Adrien suddenly vanishes…leaving only the blood stained road behind.

Adrien, who was on the brink of death, wakes up revitalized in an unknown location and is shortly after greeted by the mysterious white-haired male who took him from the street. Adrien soon finds out that his life will never be the same as the male now known as Latimer turned him into the very creature he was, a vampire.

In this new world, there are two forms of their kind. Harvesters, and Hunters. Latimer and his consorts Cade and Coran are Harvester vampires. They follow a civilized, strategic, and stealthy lifestyle that allows them to reside in one location. They feed on humans who are virtually unknown to society, or stage the deaths of others in fires, car accidents, etc. They also slowly develop a resistance to blood, where they can survive a few weeks without feeding.   The second form of their kind are Hunter vampires. Hunters are savage, wild, feral, and messy. A Hunter vampire will hunt nightly, attacking as many humans as they can come across. Harvesters are known to be extremely territorial, protecting their cities from any Hunter who tries to wreak their havoc in their territory.

Adrien struggles with his vampire identity all the while becoming obsessed with his fiance Jenna and his murderer. However, something bigger is concerning the Massachusetts Harvester vampires. A large number of Hunters have their city in their cross-hairs, and they may have to do whatever it takes to ensure their survival.