• Date of Birth: February 10th 1987
  • Place of Birth: Marion, Massachusetts
  • Full name: Adrien Seth Reed
  • Family: Mother abandoned family & her current location is unknown, Father(Gabriel) passed when Adrien was 4 due to natural causes, only child
  • Social Life: Always chose to distance himself through his adolescent years, developed no lasting friendships
  • Love Life: Girlfriend Jenna/ soon-to-be fiancé

More Background: Adrien was only 4 years old when he was taken into Adoption Resources stationed in Waltham, Massachusetts due to his fathers death. His father died young from the result of a heart problem and the stress of having to take care of a child on his own. Adrien’s mother abandoned him and his father not long after he was born for unknown reasons. Adrien stayed without a family in the agency until his release at 18 years of age. The day of his release, he was given his inheritance of an abnormally large amount he had no idea about. Adrien took the money, moving to Bourne, Massachusetts where he purchased a multi-million dollar estate off the shore of Sagamore Beach a little over an hour away.

Since as early as he can remember, Adrien had reoccurring nightmares involving a nameless white haired male. Though Adrien knew they were only nightmares, Adrien started to grow a hatred towards the night and the darkness that it implied. This brought on an endless battle with insomnia, anxiety, and paranoia. This battle intensified once he had started living on his own. It was only when he met Jenna did this start to change.

His love for her overshadowed and compensated his constant anxiety when she was around. Starting a relationship with the girl, he grew head over heels in love. After two years of dating and reaching the age of 22**, he planned to propose to Jenna at a romantic dinner. Everything  seemed to go over smoothly as Jenna accepted his proposal. His excitement was soon cut short when a male claiming to know Jenna attacked them after their dinner out, he was pushed into the street in front of oncoming traffic.

The next time Adrien awoke, he was no longer laying on the street covered in his own blood. Coming face to face with his nightmare, he finally meets the object of all his paranoia….the white haired vampire, Latimer.

**Adrien was turned vampire and frozen at the age of 22 on the night of July 24th in 2009.



  • Date of Birth: May 18th, 1652
  • Native Language: French
  • Family: Belmont Family, Father-Rèmy, Mother- Amabel
  • Full Name: Latimer Aldéric Belmont
  • Place of Birth: Poitiers, France

More Background: Latimer is 358 years old**, turned vampire at 28 years of age in 1680. Latimer in his human years was an extremely charismatic individual and befriended almost anyone who he came in contact with. In result he had many women who fell for him, though he never advanced any of them. It was hard for most women to gain his attention romantically because he was extremely hard to impress and obsessively focused on his profession. Latimer wasn’t only praised for his good looks, but was also for his talent as an architect.

He was asked when he was 25 years old to travel to West Africa after recent French possession of the Goréee Island of Senegal from the Dutch. Latimer accepted the offer gladly and helped build the “Maison des Esclaves”, as well as planning renovations to the “Fort d’Estrees”. This strictly business trip turned to something he had never anticipated when he met the daughter of the West African King, Adaeze. She was unlike any other girl he had met, and she quickly became another passion in his life besides architecture. He met her within the first month of his arrival, and they spent as much time together as possible during his stay. Unfortunately, in 1678 Latimer returned back to France after spending over 12 months in Africa.

In 1680, Latimer made his way to America near the present state of Massachusetts where he has stayed ever since an unfortunate event occurred that resulted into him becoming a vampire. Latimer, being attached to his location of arrival intended on making it his permanent residence, all the while striving to kill very little to make this possible…becoming a Harvester Vampire. Latimer builds his current abode from scratch and with the powers that came from being a vampire, Latimer was able to complete this in record time. Safely living miles deep in forests away from immediate civilization.

In the year of 2009, Latimer decided to create a young vampire out of Adrien—a young man he had been following since his birth in 1987—after witnessing his guaranteed death being struck by a speeding vehicle.

**358 years old at start of story in year 2009


  • Date of Birth:December 11th, 1756
  • Native Language: German
  • Family: Haider Family
  • Full name: Cade Alexander Haider
  • Place of Birth: Vienna, Austria

More Background: Cade’s mother passed away giving birth to him in 1756 and he was left to be raised by his father. His father worked in the Cathedral St. Stephens in Vienna and there he learned from a professional organist and was introduced to the viola. He then became a freelance position. Soon thereafter, Cade met Josef Hayden; a famous composer of the classical era; and moved with him into the house of Prince Esterhazy where he played in part of the prince’s orchestra. He played principal viola in Hayden’s farewell symphony.

In 1793 Cade came close to death trying to receive manuscripts from the prince’s burning Oprah House. Somehow he survived. The reason or the being who changed Cade into a vampire is unknown, Cade was abandoned by his creator. Through out Cade’s entire life he had shadowed people, always growing attached to an influential figure. Once meeting Latimer, he developed an attachment to the vampire and automatically viewed him as a leader figure. He has stayed in Massachusetts in his own home located near Latimer where they became allies.



  • Date of Birth: December 12, 1952
  • Family: Wife-Xylia, Daughter-Kiana

More Background: While human Coran married a beautiful woman named Xylia and they had a child in which they named Kiana. Coran and his family in  1990 were on location where a deadly riot broke out. Xylia was hurt during the riot and though Coran attempted to protect his family, none of them ended up in a surviving condition. A compassionate vampire found visited the aftermath of the riot, attracted to the large amounts of blood shed. The vampire discovered the family and decided to save all of them, so they could be together forever.

Coran knew the dangers of living vampire life as a Hunter while being in a family. To keep everyone out of danger they became more susceptible to the lifestyle  of the Harvester. The family started traveling, in search for a suitable location to settle down. While passing through Massachusetts, they met Latimer and formed a strong bond with the kind vampire and his consort Cade. With this, they chose to settle down and establish their harvester rules within the shared territory. Latimer offered to construct a home for the family, forever gaining their gratitude.




  • Date of Birth: July 26th, 1987
  • Place of Birth: Marion, Massachusetts
  • Family: Smith family. Father-Henry, Mother-Rachel

More Background: She is 22 years old, just starting off in the police force, in the short amount of time she has been there…she has been known to follow leads and hunches that would lead to no where 90 percent of the time. Her father is the Chief of Police in their precinct, and is a highly respected individual throughout not only their city, but the entire state.

Her father is extremely tough on her, always fighting the common belief that Michelle had only gotten the job because she was his daughter.

Michelle will take a strong interest in Jenna as she follows another one of her hunches.


  • Date of Birth: March 15th 1990
  • Place of Birth: Bourne, Massachusetts
  • Middle Name: Marie
  • Family: McBrayer family. Mother-Linda, Father-Jeremy, Older Brother-James, Younger Sisters-Valerie & Kara
  • Love Life: Boyfriend/soon-to-be fiancé Adrien, Boyfriend Brock

More Background: Jenna and her family were never really well off in fincancial terms, they always struggled to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. Jenna, after turning 17 decided to go off on her own. She used her beauty for her advantages and began speaking to well off men. She had met Adrien for this reason and they soon developed a strong relationship. Jenna didn’t take the relationship seriously and started dating another man simultaneously. Brock was slightly older than Adrien but also, happened to be extremely well off.

Brock was aware of Jenna’s relationship with Adrien before they started a relationship of their own. However, Jenna had never told Adrien that she was cheating on him, knowing that he would leave her.

When Jenna finally ends her relationship with Brock, it ultimately leads to Adrien’s demise.


  • Date of Birth: July 15th, 1985
  • Place of Birth: New York, New York
  • Family: Reynolds family

More Background: Brock is 24 years old running a successful business he started when he was 18 years old. He was always spoiled but was driven to make it on his own. His father abused his mother while they were alive and Brock’s father was also involved with extremely dangerous people. One night, in 1996 while Brock was 11 years old his parents left to go out for dinner and never came home. The discovery of their bodies were covered all over the news as it was determined that they had been murdered.

Brock was taken in by his Aunt and Uncle and surprisingly showed very little emotion to the passing of his parents. His Aunt and Uncle’s relationship was odd to him, he had come from a house of abuse and their marriage was the opposite. None the less, though they were more peaceful, he hated them.

When Brock was 23 years old he met a girl named Jenna. She was the first attachment he had grown to any person since the death of both his parents. When their relationship ended, he snapped.